Rare Severe Form of Scoliosis

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Jan 3, 2014 5:59pm
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I have a rare form of scoliosis that only a few percent of people with scoliosis get...it means it keeps getting worse even after I stop growing. I am 14 and going to get back surgery this summer. The doctor told me my back had gotten to the point that it is affecting my nervous system, therefore causing lots of random pains throughout my body(pain meds don't help too much)the one thing I have noticed is with some exercises it hurts my spine and causes discomfort. Should I just not do those? Should I modify them? Or should I do them anyway? Please someone give me your opinion on my situation.
03 Jan
I'm so sorry to hear this :( Definately speak with your doctor and ask him about any modifications you can do that won't injure yourself. You need to keep in touch with him and a physical therapist to track your progress and make sure no problems arise. Best if luck to you!