Work out suggestions for knee problems.

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Jan 22, 2014 3:30pm
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To keep this short I have grade 4 degenerative joint disease along with ligament and tendon problems. It took 20+ surgeries to get me walking again. Due to this I have to do low impact exercise when it comes to me knees. Does anyone have any workout suggestions for losing weight and toning up.

22 Jan
Ever try aquats(water based exercise) the buoyancy of the water will help take the pressure off of the joint. With that many surgeries to the knee you are going to have some difficulties with all other exercises. You could try to focus on all other areas except the knees(upper body, hips etc) or even low level seated knee exercises. As a general rule closed chained exercises(any where the foot is stationary) will put more compressive force on the knee joint while open chained exercises(when the foot is not stationary) applies more torque on the knee cap. I'm guessing neither will...