Problems with numbness

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Mar 5, 2014 4:26am
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Hey. Does anyone has the problem of leg numbness or pain while driving? Or when sitting during office hours? My leg goes like its cold inside and what workout could help me?
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Mar 5, 2014 10:02am
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This could be a few things concerning circulation or perhaps a pinched nerve which you could try stretches/yoga, especially of the spine alignment, like hips/back to alleviate. Otherwise you should see a doctor or maybe a chiropractor.  I'm definitely no doctor and even if I were I would probably say to actually see a doctor

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Mar 5, 2014 12:21pm
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I have that on both thighs and i haven't found anything that helps which is real shitty. Does yours hurt too? The doc says there is nothing i can do for it and that i got it from playing hockey. Leanining against the boards deadened the nerves in the outer parts of the thighs. If you find something,plz message me. Thanx.