Broken backs and exercising

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Mar 25, 2014 12:18am
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A couple of years ago I shattered one of my lower vertebrae and now I have rods screwed in it. A lot of exercises or repetitive movements can aggravate it, but it's usually okay so long as I don't push it too much. Can anyone recommend the best way to strengthen back/core muscles without doing any more damage? I'm working on the assumption that strength in those areas will reduce the amount of work my spine has to put in (correct me if I'm wrong). However a couple of weeks ago I pulled my back dragging a cow from a ditch (haha true story) so temporarily not working that area. Any low impact recommendations for the rest of the body, during such an off phase, also gratefully received. Finding it difficult as your bloody back is joined to near enough everything. Thanks.

28 Mar
Your lower back is part of your core(back,front and sides). And unfortunately it is engaged with ANY movement you do. With rods and screws in the vertebrae you are going to sacrifice movement for stability and it goes without saying that the more vertebrae involved the more movement you will lose and the more the vertebrae above or below the fusion will try and provide that lost movement and can be vulnerable to injury as well. Your best bet is to get in the habit of stabilizing your core when doing anything. It takes some practice but over time it...