How to start a workout?

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Jul 6, 2014 4:21am
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Hi all, I wanna do some sport and exercising but every time I start with it my muscles hurt me alot the next day and I can barely move my legs!
I wanna know how to start a workout correctly without hurting myself :)

06 Jul
U can do various workouts, jist make sure to give ur muscles a 24-48 hr recovery time. During that time, u may still do cardio or do strengthening on a different muscle group.
06 Jul
It's always going to hurt when you start a workout whether you do it right or wrong because your muscles aren't used to the work you're making them do. When you start, start small and easy with 2 day breaks in between workouts. Do this for 2 weeks then on week 3 you can workout every other day and you should be able to up the intensity level. Good luck!
06 Jul
Small stretches before and after, your muscles tighten when they workout and if you go straight into it without warming them up its like a shock