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Aug 15, 2014 3:05pm
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I am a doctor and i notice most of fitness and body building guys drinks amino acid and protien mix i advice you dont load your body with amino acids and artificial protiens it will hurts your body in long term and also be away from fat burners and never take it without health specialist advice it could affect your heart muscles

15 Aug
So I'm not taking anything... no whey no supplements trying to eat my nutrients Not always good eats but 80% is good.. progress is do you think I can speed it up?
15 Aug
Your progress could be slower than on supplement but it will not mean healthier you must not only focus on strong and good looking muscles but you must give the most concern on your health you must maintain strong and healthy muscles and that will not be by supplements it will affect your liver and kidnies after a while focus on protien rich diet like eggs , turkey and chicken , fish , nuts and whey protiens and must also care about your diet to be balanced not 100% protiens
15 Aug
Slower progress but healthy better than fast progress and unhealthy