Hypermobility? doms.

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Aug 18, 2014 5:56pm
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Is there anyone here with hypermobile joints?

I get super sore after a workout, and it can last for days and days. If I do a leg session it can mean I can hardly walk.

A lot of people seem to get sore when they do something new, but then it gets better the next few times, until they can do that session with no soreness. That doesn't happen with me, I've been biking at the gym for years, but it still is awful the next day.

Does anyone have any tips or anything that helps reduce post workout Doms?

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Aug 18, 2014 6:35pm
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Hello, if it's that severe then maybe you should get it checked out by a doctor. Your joints could be seriously inflamed and if you don't rest it enough it could lead to something more serious.
Better to be safe than sorry...good luck!

18 Aug
It's the muscles that get tight I think. My joints are not inflamed. I've just got awful doms all the time!
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Aug 18, 2014 10:46pm
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If they are getting tight you got to get the loose. Stretching might help. Keep them warmed up.

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Aug 19, 2014 8:47am
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I find taking an amino drink during my workout and glutamine mixed in my post workout drink greatly reduces doms.

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Aug 19, 2014 8:06pm
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Hypermobility and DOMs are separate issues but since I did not see any mention of joint instability in your post I'll address the DOMs.
Make sure you drink lots of water pre, during and post workouts to flush the lactic acid from your muscles.  Avoid a prolonged eccentric phase(sometimes referred to as"negatives") of your workout.  You want to perform the exercise slow and controlled but after contracting your muscles(concentric phase) to lift the weight, don't go too slow to lower the weight(eccentric phase) this breaks down the muscle fiber connections in the muscle itself and often leads to the cause of DOMs(which is why DOMs often decreases with repeat activity as the muscle connection improves).  You could also try an ice bath post workout, which sucks at first but can be very effective.
Good luck and hope this helps.  If all else fails consult your MD (or even do that first, blood work may be needed to rule out myofascial restrictions)