Patella Tendonitis

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Aug 24, 2014 3:23pm
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Hi there,

I suffer from Patella Tendonitis, which causes painful, creaky knees when I do high intensity exercise (which includes jumping and running).
I'm currently looking to lose about 15 lbs, and I wondered if anyone could recommend any forms of exercise that could give me some results and improve my cardiovascular health.


24 Aug
I was dignosed the the same injury and took me 3years to get back to full training. All you can do is take it easy. Swimming helps massive and all low impact training. Dont do anything that requires kneeling as this will make it hurt again. Make sure when squating and walking upstairs to push with the heels of your feet instead of your toes/pads and make sure to do isometric stretches like two leg and one legged dips on your stairs/step.