Asthma and cardio suggestions?

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Oct 8, 2014 1:00am
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I used to run track when I was younger, then went on the course of lazy 20's causing my metabolism to crawl. At 28 I was diagnosed with asthma after having a sudden chronic cough that wouldn't go away. Recently being 33 I just had my first child and I'm looking to loose 30-45 lbs. Any suggestions on how to tackle shortness of breath with cardio and having to rely on the emergency inhaler? Thanks!

08 Oct
I heard that you can get good cardio by doing lunges (a lot in a row) or something that will make you use your leg muscles a lot and sweat a lot. Since I don't have asthma, I don't know for sure if this will work with you, but maybe try jumping lunges and those side to side ski racer things with arms? I hope it works for you!
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Nov 22, 2014 8:43am
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I discovered I had asthma after I had my daughter, a year later I went back to the gym and had an asthma attack! I went to the doctor a few days later who diagnosed me with exercise induced asthma.

I'm 30 now and really want to get in shape and I know my weight increase has contributed to my asthma getting worse so I've committed myself to going to the gym.

So here's what I do to make sure I can exercise long enough before the asthma really kicks in

About 10 mins before working out I take two puffs of ventolin

I warm up on the treadmill for 5-10 mins

Then I do some light stretches, have another puff of the ventolin before starting my cardio on the cross trainer
I go to a relatively low resistance and maintain a high pace for as long as I can, I usually aim to do a minimum of 30 mins cardio and use the heart rate sensor to keep my heart rate steady at around 150bpm

If I'm feeling brave I'll up the resistance by one for one minute a few times throughout the cardio session to challenge myself but this can often bring on the tightening in my chest so I tend to concentrate on endurance

I then cool down and make sure I do post workout stretches

I know this is long winded but I hope it helps. I really want to hear from people with asthma and how they work out too!