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Oct 10, 2014 10:46am
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I hurt my lower back working out over 3 months ago. It will not get better. It now causes me leg cramps too. I recently had to drop out of my half marathon. I need done encouragement, it's really bumming me out.

10 Oct
You just gotta keep at it. Its going to take some time depending on how bad you hurt your back but the pain will get better in time. Just take it easy at first, you know, like a pro ball player getting back into the game after a broken ankle or something.
11 Oct
Sounds like sciatica. :-) stretch, stay away from heavy weights and try anything th as t eorkd for relief. Been dealing with it for 3 years.
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Oct 11, 2014 12:52am
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Get it checked out by a doctor preferably an MRI scan!

Ive got chronic lower back pain whatever that is but hurt it doing dead lifts and seems to go within a few days and appears again for no reason.

Im waiting for MRI appointment to see once and for all if there is any lasting damage.  If not chiropractor can sort it out.