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Oct 10, 2014 3:50pm
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Ok so I've been working out for a lil while and stopped for awhile. And started back up I've lost inches and body and gained muscle . I have a small pooch . (I am a type one diabetic) everyone tells me I won't loss it ... depressing ... anyone have tips or advice that might help..

10 Oct
Two advices: 1. Who is telling you that you can't lose the pooch? If your doctor is telling you this, then you should listen to them. If it is anyone other than your doctor, what do they know? What credentials do they have? Chances are they don't know anything about diabetes or weight loss, and they certainly don't know anything about how YOUR body works. Listen to your doctor, ignore everyone else. 2. (And you should do this in any case) Learn to love yourself. The pooch doesn't matter and if trying to lose it could exacerbate health issues, then...
10 Oct
It's not my Dr she says I can get rid of it . And it's not abt being pretty I hardly even dress up to go out lol.. it's the fact pple always say you can't do it and I want to prove them wrong I am very healthy besides having diabetes . . But thank you I love what you wrote:-):-)
10 Oct
Just because they are a doctor does not mean they are a good one. Always get a second opinion.
10 Oct
I have from many doctors they all say something different you can or you can't or it takes a lil while