Workouts to include with Physical Therapy Program

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Nov 17, 2014 4:07pm
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Hi, I'm an overweight female looking for safe workouts to include with my current physical therapy program exercises.

I have a permanent lower and upper back injury which includes lower back pain, thoracic back pain, piriformis nerve pain, nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy, and radiculopathy down my left leg and into my left foot. I have a set of physical therapy exercises that I do regularly that are basically a combination of stretches and realignment exercises with a focus on core strengthening. This program has helped me a great deal with pain management but I am looking for ways to lose weight without irritating my injury. My physical therapist has reminded me many times, "if it hurts, don't do it". This has left me with very limited options for losing weight, especially, extremely limited options for cardio.

I am interested in any workouts that don't include walking or running, as these things typically trigger a pain attack after 5 to 10 minutes of activity. I want to find activities that are low impact and gentle on the lower and thoracic spine. I have discovered one workout on this app for low back pain and it's pretty much the same thing I'm doing already.

Are there weight loss workouts that will work for my condition?

Any suggestions of workouts that are available on this app?

Keep in mind that I don't have access to a gym!

I have 6 months pro free from my Galaxy Note 4 purchase :) Yay for that! So, any thoughts? Willing to try anything!

Thanks :)