Need Help with flat feet

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Nov 22, 2014 1:56am
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Hey Everyone,
I'm Midhun Varghese and i am 18 years old.
Recently I found out that I have a medical condition called "flat feet"
I find it very difficult to run, walk for a long time.
Does anyone else have this too?
Can anyone suggest a cure for this?
And please suggest me few workouts that will help me with my feet effectively.

Thanks a lot!

22 Nov
Nothing just mean that bottom of your foot muscle are week you just need to look for a lot foot exercise pointing and flexing your and many more
22 Nov
My 19 year old son has flat feet as well. He has always has a lot of difficulty walking, standing for any length of time and jogging is out of the question. A podiatrist took molds of his feet and places customized arch supports in his shoes. It helps but he still has a lot pain in his ankles. Weight lifting is great for keeping your body weight under control. Physical therapy can teach you which muslcles to tareget for strengthening your back, knees and hips. Those are all effected by flat feet. Some cardio options for this condition include...
23 Nov
I have somewhat flat feet... i just got some soles from red wing shoes for lile 40 bucks and my feet feel great!!!!
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Nov 22, 2014 10:24am
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I have had this condition all my life,I tried something called a wobble board ,sometimes it can help make your arch bit bigger,but not mine,ballet really helps and special arch supports you need specially made for you,I also have problems with my knees so having supports is a must because it effects how i walk,I used to wear heels but had to throw them all out,wedges are better,erar good trainers,some have great support,dont get down its a common problem that effects alot of people x

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Nov 22, 2014 10:28am
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Try walking on your toes several times a day. Put the soul( the arch) in your shoes or u get the shoes which are for flat foot.