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Jan 10, 2015 8:43am
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I have been exercising for the past 5 days, the full body work outs consisted of lunges which makes my knee ache now.
Shall I take a break until the pain is gone, or exercise...?

Ps I really wanna lose a few inches, therefore following an exercise and diet plan religiously.
10 Jan
Hi Numra. I'm suffering the same right now. My knees are a mess since more than 10 years (I guess due to rowing when I was young). Stick to your workouts but try to find some with less challenge on the knees, e.g. no lunges and squats. Go see a medic if it does not stop in a few days and get some bandages. There are good ones which support and strengthen the knee while wearing troughout the day.
10 Jan
Tip: there are numerous workouts which (almost) leave the legs but still will get you huffing and puffing. Go check out my liked workouts.
10 Jan
Thanks dude :) really am thankful for your reply.