Any others who have MS?

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Jan 24, 2015 6:18am
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I have had MS for 15 yrs. I try to maintain a healthy diet but I have trouble Woking out because I have constant fatigue. How do others workout to reduce spasticity and maintain a healthy weight who have MS?

27 Jan
Hi Ronnie, My mother was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with MS. I only know that it was recommended to her that she eat very few carbs in the beginning, like 25 g per day! I think she has increased her carb intake, but she has lost about 90 pounds since the diagnosis. She cut out a lot of carbs by eating foods that were high in fiber. (Fiber decreases net carbs) So that was the biggest thing she did. Also, she does cardio on an elliptical for only about 10-15 minutes a few times a week...