My heel hurts after workouts

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Feb 16, 2015 9:22pm
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My heels both hurt to the point where I'm limping after workouts.... Then they hurt for most of the day. I try to wear comfortable footwear and use the vibram five finger shoes during my workout but nothing works. Any suggestions? Could I possibly stretch my heels to help?
17 Feb
Stretching helps. KT tape helps my foot pain. The instructional videos are good.
17 Feb
You may have a version of plantar fasciitis my recommendation is to go to a podiatrist, foot doctor to have your feet look at, I had the same thing and getting custom-made insoles help immensely
17 Feb
Definitely see a podiatrist!
18 Feb
Try super feet orthotics. Squares up your posture. $39-$50. Much less than doc. Also get book called "pain free" by Pete egoscue... Amazon $10. And last resort other than doc check out PTX one postural therapy. Just google it. It's a friend but I don't get paid. You'll thank me!