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Feb 17, 2015 11:14am
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What exercise can I do,at this time I am in complete agony,can I go swimming?

17 Feb
Stretching is your best bet. That's what a PT would tell you. Child pose, laying knees to chest(alternating legs). Another good one is lay on the flood, extend your arms to each side. Bring your right knee up to your waist, and lay it down on the left aide of your body. Requires a bit of a twist. Modify these if needed, dont push through in agony. Hope you find some relief.
17 Feb
Forgot to tell you to alternate both legs on that last pose.... Lol good luck!
17 Feb
My chiropractor told me to avoid swimming as an exercise. As there is little resistance you'll favour one side more, strengthening the stronger side and exacerbating the problem.
17 Feb
It depends on how bad it is, if very bad you may need a little giudence and treatment from a physio untill you get stronger. Yoga is very good and if you are able, you need to strengthen your core from the inside out. It's your pelvic floor that holds your spine together. Good luck