How sick is too sick to workout?

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Feb 19, 2015 2:02pm
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I'm on a roll. The funk broke. Fourth week in. I feel great. Steady strength growth.
This morning. Fever, runny nose. What do I do? I'm terrified of falling off wagon. I absolutely love this app. It is what I needed to unleash my motivation.

If I push through I might make it worse. If I rest, will I make it worse? I don't want this to go on for two three days.

What does science say? What have you read? Share your own experience of great weeks stopped by cold/flu.

I appreciate any input.
Happy Thursday.

19 Feb
When I got sick last week, I had the fever sore throat runny nose etc. I did a couple short 10 min stretch exercises to do something. It helped. I was so tired earlier that day I had taken a two hour nap. You'll push thru, just listen to your body it will tell you what it needs.
20 Feb
As long as You can keep breathing normally throughout the workout, you should be safe, even if you get snot everywhere and sneeze a bunch of times.
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Feb 19, 2015 2:10pm
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From experience, if you workout while being sick, it makes you feel better (Just a feeling, the sickness itself doesn't just disappear)

Drink plenty of water, cover your mouth so you don't get other people at the gym sick, take medicine and get plenty of rest. You should feel fine.

19 Feb
Thanks. I workout at home. I'm a SAHM. I'll wait out the morning and do a light one in afternoon.
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Feb 19, 2015 2:22pm
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Oooh no, never work out with a fever! I read somewhere that if you feel ill from the neck up, like headache, sore throat etc working out is okay, but if you're so ill that you have a fever and/or aching body you need to rest. A fever means your body is battling the virus through raising the body temperature to kill it, and it needs all its energy to do that. This is also why taking paracetamol or other medications to lower the fever isn't the best thing to do unless your temperature is really high.

I know it sucks, I've been ill for a week and a half myself with first stomach bug and then the flu, but I'm convinced the right thing to do is rest it out. You could try the Yoga for Cold (AW) session that I created, it's low impact and targets the immune system among other things. Take care and get well soon!

27 Mar
It is true as Anna says, if the illness is from the neck up it is fine to exercise but when it is in the chest and aching body rest
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Feb 19, 2015 8:18pm
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I have found when I have a common cold if I stick to working out I get over my symptoms faster. Though there is no scientific proof that you will get over symptoms faster if you workout while sick. There has been a recent study at Stanford that showed people with colds got better quicker working out, while those who didn't workout symptoms took a couple more days to subside. Now if you have a flu or any fever for that matter you should not workout at all. Same goes for stomach issues eg diaherrea and vomiting.

19 Feb
I waited till no more fever, then did 20+ minutes on treadmill and ab workout. Long hot shower and I feel back to normal. Amazing. Lots of water, rest, Airborne andC vitamins. I think I can beat this.
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Mar 27, 2015 4:38am
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I just got a minor cold which started a couple of days ago and there is no fever, just a slight sore throat and some light runny nose. My next workout session is tomorrow (3/26) morning. If my cold stays steady at this level, I'll feel good enough to complete my routine so hopefully I don't get worse and get a fever. I really do not want to interrupt my routine that I just started to get used to and which I worked hard to get to that point. :/