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Feb 27, 2015 1:50am

I have such weird health issues. Ok so I had been skinny up until 26 yrs old. I had a C Section w my son, 2007 and I was told not 2 get up and move after having a Spinal Tap for the numbing part. I obv. had a new-born crying how could I NOT get up. So I Did. well from that day forward I have had swollen ankles or Edema. I take Lasix for this. I also have this in my fingers as well. I do not respond well to the medicine but it def does help a lil. I am SOOOO sick of being unhealthy. I am 230 lbs after quitting smoking, I gained 75 lbs during this time. DOES ANYONE ELSE GET EDEMA IN ANKLES AND OR FINGERS, and DOES IT ITCH WHNE IT FLARES UP FROM SODIUM ETC. Any and all advice is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 27, 2015 2:04pm
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My observation is: as you move around,  it helps get the fluid moving and some of the swelling decreases.  The itching lessens also.  As you get more of the weight off, the swelling problem lessens.
There's an old saying that goes something like this:
Sit up if you're reclining.  If you're sitting,  stand up; if you're standing,  walk around.

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Mar 7, 2015 2:49pm
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I suffered from ascites a few years ago, which is similar to edema (it's fluid build up & swelling in the stomach) and can be treated with the same medication, so I'm curious to ask, have they sent you to a dietician? I only ask this on account of the treatment that worked best for me was not medicinal, but dietary. I watched my salt intake, which is major factor in water retention.
From experience with different swelling (arthritic knees), I also feel that light but often exercise can do wonders at reducing swelling and making the swelling easier to deal with when it does happen (e.g. making sure you aren't sat still for over 60 mins, go for a walk up and down the living room) and addressing any issues caused by sleeping awkwardly. I put an extra pillow between my knees, so maybe if you put one between your ankles it may help as well.
Try not to push it too hard and listen to your body.
I hope your exercise is fruitful in helping you.