Diastasis recti

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Mar 2, 2015 4:08am
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Hi. I am new here and will be starting tomorrow. Anyone know any good exercises for someone with diastasis recti? Had my second baby 7 months ago and was left with this. I do not want to do any exercise that will make it worse. Very much appreciate any help.

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Mar 19, 2015 2:01am
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I was actually just thinking of this exact topic. Glad I found your thread. 
Here are movements to avoid:
Oblique twists
Lying back over an exercise ball
And others this is a general list...I found this on Pintrest BTW. 
It is hard for me to drop all these exercises as I'm in the army and have to do sit ups but I am in the process of looking for exercises to make a workout for this issue. 
Hope that helps
19 Mar
Thanks Christa for responding. You are correct. I went searching after posting this and ended up following moms into fitness workout and I have already seen some improvement. I am down 2 and a half fingers from three and a half after 2 weeks of exercising so will be following that for a while. They basically give the same advise as yours so very much appreciate your response
19 Mar
Good I'm glad you found something. :) I have the same issue and haven't really thought about it much tbh.