Preventing injuries during Track Season!

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Apr 26, 2015 12:55am
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I have been doing the 80m Hurdles for five years and for the past two years I have been experiencing muscle/tendon damage in my legs. When I was born, my right leg was turned inwards. It straightened itself out, but now I suffer from incredibly tight hamstrings in that leg. This is caused by my inner hamstrings being shorter than my outside one. This has now caused stress in my knee, resulting in fluid building in behind my knee and swelling. I have have issues with my hip shifting out of place. In my left leg, I have recently developed issues with my tendons on the outside of my calf. I have iced both areas and done extensive stretching but nothing is really working. The pain subsides for a bit, but starts up again at Track Practice. I can not stop track practice because it is required for me to participate in the track meet which is in 3 weeks (hoping to make it to Provincials this year). Any suggestions? Should I be going to see a physiotherapist? I
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Apr 26, 2015 4:16am
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I think it would be helpful if you saw a physio. But you should try and strengthen your core so while you're runnning some of the workload will be taken off your legs.

Hope this helps.

26 Apr
I think my main issue is the terrain I have to run on. My track practices are done on a gravel track with gopher holes every where so I am always tripping. I can't change that, so I'll take your suggestion and strengthen my core. Thanks :)
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Apr 26, 2015 9:28am
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Try eating foods like ginger and lemon tea, parsley and devil's claw, all good natural inflammatorys. Try getting the muscles rubbed out by sports massage therapist and after training be sure to drink your milk and eat protein for recovery. Calcium allows the two filaments in the muscle fibre two slide and release ATP.

26 Apr
Luckily my mother is a trained massage therapist! So I don't have to spend anything for that part. Unfortunately I don't have access to many natural medicines but I'll keep my eye out for those you suggested. Thanks :)