Workouts for preventing injuries?

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Jun 14, 2015 1:00pm
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Hi, I'm in that unfortunate state that it's now the 3rd time I dislocate my right kneecap.
All 3 times, I've been going to fysiotherapy and rebuilt, but I never feel like I get back 100% which I think is one of the reasons it keeps happening.
So my question is, if there are any workouts for preventing injuries, knee injuries in particular?
I do a lot of sports, and it's just super annoying to keep getting injured, and I really wanna change that.
Please help

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Jun 18, 2015 3:39am


I feel sorry for you, looks like very painfull!


I have no answer to your question but I am very interested in this post because of multiple injuries and/or chronic pain (knees, and shoulder, back, elbow). I do lot of sport like you and keep getting more and more injuries (old ones coming back and new ones).


So my questions are similar to yours and I felt I would share your post to share the answers if ok for you:


-what workout would you advide us to do to avoid injuries?

-what warm ups/ cool down exercises on skimble would you advise us to do for helping to avoid/reduce knees/shoulder/elbow/back pains?

-what work out to avoid especially?