Extreme lower back pain

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Jul 3, 2015 1:21pm
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I've been having really bad lower back pain when I stand and sit usually it goes away when I lay down but in a certain position it's really worrying me. I haven't strained any muscles that I know. The last time that happened was when I was very very skinny and right now I'm not so can anyone suggest some home remedies? I've been wearing a girdle but it still hurts it somewhat helps. When I do regular squats non weighted it feels weird like once I'm doing the squat I feel like my back is open or my hips Idk. I need help fast I don't have insurance and it really is messing with my running and weight training I've been working on my core this whole week with a medicine ball and some dumbbells I'm just scared of hurting it more I've looked online but everything it leads me to is a damaged disc or that it moved out of place? It's not right

06 Nov
I live with lower back pain. I understand what you going trough. I don't think weight matters, I'm 5"11 and 145 pounds. My doctor is saying that surgery may help, but there no guarantee. I exersice when I can along with physical therapy. I hope to keep the surgery away. There is some workout to help strengthen your core that will help your back. I hope you feel better.
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Jul 3, 2015 3:02pm
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I have something similar but my husband keeps telling me it's from picking my boys up. My whole lower back when I go to bend down, feels like there's some sort of plate there prohibiting me from going any further and it's really frustrating.
I have found a few of the exercises for lower back pain on here helpful. Maybe you could give those a try? I also try stretching in the mornings when I get up.
Don't know if that will help you.

03 Jul
Thanks I'll try that I also stretch in the am as soon as I get off bed it feels really good if I could bend it even more it would help more I suppose
03 Jul
Makes me feel old honestly. But yeah, try to stretch it more. That may help
03 Jul
Did either of you have an epidural
03 Jul
I did twice in two years maybe a little less. Could it be that? You think it is?
06 Jul
Yes, Jovon. I had an epidural with both my kids. The second had a really bad after affect on me though.
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Jul 6, 2015 3:14am
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I had horrible back pain a few days ago. And cramps made it worse. I took Naproxen Sodium. A really strong pain killer. In about 4 hours I was all good.


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