Damaged Nerves

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Jul 10, 2015 2:34am
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I had damaged a nerve about a month ago in my right wrist due to a cut (it was an accident) and a cut on the bottom of my left foot. I haven't been able to do any workouts since then. I'm trying to take it easy but I'm finally able to walk again and move my hand/wrist quite a bit. I just don't have feeling in my middle finger.
Have any of you guys had any nerve damage before? Any recommended exercises?
Like I said I'm trying to take it easy but I'm getting antsy and I think I'm ready to start working out again. I also don't want to over do it.
Any advice would be great, thanks(:
10 Jul
Sorry to hear what happened, it must be tough not being able to workout when you really want to:( Since you can't do much, I would focus on the things you can do. You said you're able to walk so you can start off with that. Maybe some squats and light exercises. You could try swimming too and maybe biking if you are able? It's great to hear that you want to workout but really be careful; you don't want to hurt yourself even more. I wish you a quick recovery and all the best:)
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Jul 10, 2015 4:17am
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I've had 5 concussions, right fibula break 3x and left 2x, torn cartilage in bottom 4 ribs (left side) severe bruising to bottom 3 and torn upper abdomen in the same accident, total of 4 broken bones to the right hand and surgery once to the same hand, broke both feet at the same time and had no feeling for 2 weeks up to my knees and little feeling up to my hips, separated left shoulder, hyper extended back with sprain neck..... basically you have to make your body parts move. Just remember how to do things and focus on moving those body parts.

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Jul 10, 2015 8:19am
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What does your physician tell you? Something like this you should not blindly ask a community and expect accurate advice. I can give you my experiences with fractured rib, concussions,  broken bones, and pinched nerves but none of that relates to you.

Ask your dr. what you can and can't do

10 Jul
Agreed , speak with you physician. And then listen to your body. Your doctor can lead you the right way, but your body knows it's limits
10 Jul
Thanks guys(: I completely understand and you're right. I have already spoken to my doc about it btw! I just wanted to see if anyone else had something similar happen to them like a damaged nerve and if they had any helpful advice.
10 Jul
Completely understood. Unless a doctor is really into fitness they can only give you good advice. But it's only advice. I get cut open in 4 days, it's going to be hard road for this #Beast to return.

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