Hyper Lordosis

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Jul 25, 2015 6:18am
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I know there is a curve in our spine at the lower back. But my back feels exceedingly curved and due to which I think my pelvis is a bit tilted forward and my belly sticks out. How curable is hyper lordosis? And suggest me some exercises to reduce the curve. Thanks!

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Jul 25, 2015 7:17am
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You need to work to make those tight psoas or hip flexor muscles more flexible... Do 'pigeon pose', quad stretches, hugging knees to chest (very important exercise), deep lunge static hold and there is a workout called 'Free your hips' here.

Also your abdomen area is overstretched and your lower back is too tight. 
So workout to make your abdomen area stronger and stretch your lower back (do happy baby pose) ...

Practice plank while tucking in your stomach.

These exercises should bring back your muscles in balance.

Good luck

(ACE certified)

25 Jul
Thank you so much! I think this will help me a lot! :)
25 Jul
A last question, how much time will it take to see results? :)
25 Jul
Once you're aware of how to stand in the right posture you will see an immediate improvement. Tuck in your stomach a bit when you stand. Just awareness of right posture makes you stand straighter. The Alexander Method is another great resource to read on the net for posture basics. Remember ankle, knees, hip joint, shoulder and neck should be in a straight line when you view from the side. Muscle imbalances will get better and tight muscles will relax if you do the stretches even once. Make sure you're warmed up before. If it's a skeletal issue consult a...
25 Jul
Thank you so much, Pinky! I really appreciate your help! :D
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Jan 4, 2016 9:27pm
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I will try these moves also :)


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