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Jul 25, 2015 7:56am
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I'm a beginner basically and would like more workouts focusing on strengthening the back and core muscles to control my mild scoliosis

26 Jul
Google: ed paget scoliosis video. Not a full workout but the best exercise for scoliosis. Hopefully you know what side your curve is, so you can do the exercise for the proper side of your curve
26 Jul
Thank you Brian will try that too
24 Apr
Do you have pain every day Jodie?
24 Apr
Pain sometimes but discomfort everyday if I sit for long periods of time or lay down on the "curved" side too long
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Jul 25, 2015 9:08am
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I actually just replied to another post like this. ..
1. Do planks but just on the left side if you have a right thoracic scoliosis.
2. Left side lunges.
3. Sitting forward bend leaning more to the left side foot.
4. AVOID back hyperextensions.. that is bending over backwards like in cobra. That will increase the curve. Do birddog instead.
5. Check out YouTube for this exercise by Dr. Kevin Lau based on the schroth method.
6. Learn about the schroth method for scoliosis.
Take care :)

25 Jul
Thank you so much ! My Dr told me all I need is physio because it's not congenital scoliosis and I'm fully grown now so this will help so much without spending a bunch on physio therapists. Will do this , thanks again
25 Jul
Oh ok. Well that's good! In that case I'd say yoga is really good for rebalancing muscles and concentrate on these exercises but don't restrict yourself to them. Good luck :))
24 Apr
I fear doing the cobra prior times has worsened the curve... I went to the Dr to check out the progression of the curve, took some X rays and she says there's another small curve in my lower back... Im worried I've made it worse over the years with incorrect posture or sleeping or exercise types... by strengthening the back muscles and core... can scoliosis slowly be reserved to a certain extent?
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Apr 23, 2016 8:10pm
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Oh thank you for the tips!!

I don't know which side I have cause my pain is all over my back.. so I'll try to look it up so I can follow this tips :-)
Thanks you for sharing!!

23 Apr
hi my name is guadalupe
24 Apr
Hello! My name is Jenny
24 Apr
Most scoliosis is on the right side. Google Adams test. that means the rib hump or the hunchback will be greater on the right side. if you look at the x ray then the spine will be an S shape and the hump is always on the same side as the convex side of the S of the upper back.
24 Apr
thank you!!

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