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Jul 26, 2015 2:40am
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Any tips for staying motivated while struggling with depression and anxiety ?

26 Jul
Ayy i've struggled with that for years some days you won't be able to help it you know. Eat healthy and workout anyway it heps that ugly feeling go away staying indoors makes it much worse. If you have a friend that is willing to work out with you take advantage of it in a good way and exercise with them. Sometimes we all need that ittle push once in a while
26 Jul
I'm absolutely in the same place you are right now. Due to a past relationship and anxiety and depression. I'd say first make sure you have continuous motivation. I like following fitness blogs on Tumblr or whatever social site you are on regularly. So then you have daily motivation. Then go on to slowly changing your diet bring in healthier alternatives to what you normally ear. And with exercise take it day by day some days you won't want to do anything so maybe just do the casual workouts or yoga that day. And when you are higher energy or...
30 Sep
Are you a kid ?
19 Oct
I would find some people to work out with and they'll help get u motivated
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Jul 26, 2015 3:39am
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Hi. I'm n the same boat. I'm noticed some ppl using the gym buddy system in my neighborhood, I'm going to try that. Good luck. Hope someone else has some ideas too.

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Jul 26, 2015 9:49am
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I struggle myself, clear your mind. Grab a friend too help you focus.

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Jul 26, 2015 6:16pm
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I know what you go through and the only thing I can say is to get a friend willing to workout with you, keep you focused and that will hopefully keep you motivated.

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Jul 28, 2015 5:22am
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Start your day with relaxation breathing... or when you feel anxious/stressed

Start by lying down on a bed or floor in a quiet room and relax your body, closing your eyes and concentrate on what your avout to do or clear your mind if you can.

Make your toes go limp as if putting no energy to them then to the rest of your feet...then your legs and bottom.

You will notice you relaxed but now you relax even more...

Make your back and then neck go limp and finally your head...stay limp with you eyes closed and thinking nothing for a few minutes.

You can do this daily until its second nature or just when feeling anxious, also during a panic takes some getting use to and you may even doubt it works but it is an offical psychological relaxation technique.

If you can play relaxation music at night while in bed, it sounds daft if you listen to it, sure!  But dont listen to ambient noise...I like Enigma personally!

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Jul 28, 2015 2:11pm
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Hello. I've struggled with anxiety and depression all my life. I've actually attempted it and was hospitalized for a month and under watch. It is not fun to live with but it has been five years since that day and i take it a day at a time while trying to improve my life style.
One thing that really helped me was cutting meat out of my life. That might just be a personal thing. However i personally wouldn't ever hurt an animal so why was consuming them. After two years of being vegetarian my depression thoughts were a bit easier to manage and put in the back of my mind rather than on the front side running in a loop. Recently i started using this wonderful app working out 4 days a week helps give confidence in my self.
As for anxiety i dont's so hard for me i have major approach anxiety so i dont have many friends nor a girlfriend. However i do know when my anxiety goes over board i blow on the back of my thumb and it calms me down quite a bit.
I hope this helps. Just know that you aren't alone!     ;

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Aug 24, 2015 8:13pm
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I've MDD (major depressive disorder), anxiety, mood disorder & SD (sleep disorder). I do yoga in the morning & night. Then after yoga I do mindfulness meditation 1-3 times a day when needed.

24 Aug
Hope this site helps. I have been enjoying since I figured it out,or getting better at it. Talk to me and I will talk to you,and would do what I can. Bet there are people who love you be strong for them as well as yourself
24 Aug
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Aug 24, 2015 11:42pm

So a few months ago I was feeling depressed and so here are seven excercises that you could do to help you get better and even fight it off.

aerobic and cardio exercise - so running that is the best way of getting rid of those thoughts.

build muscles - do a few strenght excercises for about 5 - 10 weeks.

Walk - walking is a for of aerobic exercise.

While it's still hot outside go out and do something meaningful.

Have a trampoline bounce get the those thoughts out and have fun.

I hope you get better and may God bless!!!


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Aug 25, 2015 10:36am
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Getting someone to help you buddy style might be a start. Having a goal and getting into a routine is good but don't let that slip into a rut. As difficult as it is you've got to keep pushing yourself to move forward.

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Aug 26, 2015 3:04am
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Aww, Kayla. I wish there was a simple answer.

Much like these great people, I have also had Major Depression. Using a buddy system did not work for me because either they were too fast or too slow. I like working at my own pace. I know my limits. I also keep in mind that little steps in the right direction over time still give results. Once I gained strength, I added more. I read a lot of motivational books and I even had to force myself to say 3 great things about myself in the mirror until I finally felt it.  Hope you find the right combination of things that work for you!!!

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Oct 13, 2015 5:39am
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Great suggestions here from all! I've also struggled with depression, even to the point of hospitalization. 

One thing I might add to all of the excellent comments here is that at least for me personally it is really easy to get discouraged when I try to keep exercising or get back into exercising when my mood is down. I tend to have a very loud self critical voice in my head that just gets more insistent the more depressed I am. 

So, when I'm struggling with depression I make sure that the goals I set are simple and easy, rather than harsh and unrealistic. For example, a good goal for me during these times is simply to go for a run, rather than "I'm going to run 5k at 7 min pace" and then inevitably fail and make the whole thing worse. When things are really bad my goal might be as basic as "I'm going to go outside today." Having goals that I actually meet helps to balance out that worthless feeling. 

Of the other suggestions on here, I really appreciate the people who mentioned meditation and saying 3 nice things to yourself everyday. I have found meditation/breathing to be super helpful for me (there are some good free guided meditations at I also have found keeping a gratitude journal to really switch around my perspective when things are rough (good overview of this at 
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May 27, 2016 6:41pm
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I hear you, girl. I have severe bipolar II and mild panic disorders along with very bad ADD. I know how debilitating clinical depression can be and how frustrating the extra weight gain from the meds can be. I have just started to really try to make an effort to lose weight and get in shape for myself for the first time in my life.
But, I think what might work is if you're feeling anxious then do some simple home-based exercises such as bodyweight, calisthenics, pilates or yoga even some mild polymetrics if you don't have any downstairs neighbors. And on the days when you have a depressive episode so bad getting out of bed is a herculean task, make a note of the day and the next time you have the energy to exercise, do a little extra...and try not to eat your feelings. (Don't feel bad if you have in the past...we've all done it)