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Aug 24, 2015 11:03am
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I am facing problem with insomnia about one month already. I go to bed around 1am but i fall asleep at 9am. I can't sleep. Finally i found out in web about insomnia. Why does it cause .. definitely because of i am exercise addict. This is what happened after i found skimble. Before i was going gym every second day. Now i dont want to rest. I am doing excessive workouts almost everyday.

What i found is Thirty minutes of moderate activity is enough to help prevent things like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.

Too much exercise can cause lasting physical harm, injuries, depression, exhaustion, hormonal unbalance, menstrual disorder.

And if working out late can cause insomnia. Here it is how to solve this problem. I haven't try yet. I just found out and I would like to share people who suffer same as me.

Use the bed for sleep (no television watching or reading in bed)

Avoid caffeine, especially late in the day; avoid activities that will get you stimulated and upset late in the day; practice relaxation techniques before bedtime

Exercise each day

Maintain a regular schedule for bedtime and wakening; avoid naps

Do not watch the clock while in bed; avoid struggling to fall asleep in bed—instead, get up and spend quiet time out of bed until sleep comes

Hope it will help for us .

24 Aug
Thanks. If you have kids ignore this post. (Like me) lol
24 Aug
avoid unplanned naps. regular ones, no more than 30 minutes long, after lunch are good.
24 Aug
Yes Adam .. i will do that :)
24 Aug
Stephen .. u make me afraid of having kids .. i cant sleep even i dont have kids yet .. if i will have .. phewwwww .. dont know what to do :)
24 Aug
Lol. Kids are the best thing God can give to parents. When my eldest calls me at 2 in the morning I have a smile on my face because she trusts me and loves me to take care of her.
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Aug 25, 2015 8:03am
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If you're on your phone/computer a lot before bed that can really mess up your sleep too, try to not be 1-2 hours before you wanna sleep. If you're like me and find that boring you can try something to block the blue light on your divices.

For your computer: f.lux (there are probably other ones too, don't know if there are any for mac computers though)

For your phone: search for 'blue screen filter' in the play store/app store/whatever you have. I use one for Android called Twilight

The filters helped me so much! I used to fall asleep in the mornings and was diagnosed with delayed sleep phase disorder... I'm still an extreme night owl though, nothing will change that really.

25 Aug
Silje Thanks .. i will try that app .. yeah i used to watch movie before sleeping .. i use a lot ph and laptop .. yesterday i did workout ended 8 pm and i go to bed 2 am and i slept at 5 am i think it is working .. i will try to finish my workout early too .. i will avoid working out late like until 12am .. lol ..
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Sep 1, 2015 8:39pm
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I've a sleep disorder (insomnia) & others physical/mentally issues; so I can't w/o medication. I do yoga, deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness techniques. It's helpful throughout the day but when I do them @ it don't help.