Wrist pain.

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Mar 18, 2016 6:00pm
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Hello I have a job that requires me to use my wrists and just in general arms quit a bit so I do notice that with working out my wrists ache first. Anyone have a suggestion? I've tried wrist wraps and braces with little luck or no mobility. I'm currently on pain management medications and those only help slightly.

Anything helps thanks.

23 Mar
Gorilla pose, Eagle arms , Prayer pose, dumbbell wrist curls, finger tension pulls & squeezes, hand twists, wrist circles , underhand wrist flexor/extensor.. (look it up it s here on skimble and some of my yoga workouts feature these ) , basically wrist extension/flexion/suprination/pronation also -thumb flexion would be some examples to length tendons & stretch the muscle . You should do these several times a day to avoid carpal tunnel. I will create a wrist workout as well. Seems lot of people have issues with CTS these days.