Finding the right diet and work out program

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Mar 16, 2013 4:48am
Hi Everyone My name is Annabelle and i am totally blind. I also suffer with Scleroderma(an auto-immune disease), Rumatoid arthritis, inflamitory lung disease and chronic pain. I know that one of the things i need to do is keep active and lose some weight to prvent my joints from getting any worse. Does anyone have any suggestions about diet and exercises i can try?
16 Mar
Try swimming. Its a great cardio excersize that wont put anymore stress on your joints. As for diet just keep it clean, natural and balanced. Cut out anything processed. BUT before starting any new diet and excersize plan you shoupd talk to your docter. Im assuming your on medication for your arthritis and such and changes in diet or excersize can effect these. Get the OK from your doctor first. Hope this helps.