Raynaud's disease

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Mar 18, 2013 6:36pm
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I have an artery disorder that causes the arteries of my hands and feet to spasm when they get cold and not enough blood gets to my fingers and toes. Does anyone else have raynaud's or know someone with it? Is there anything i can do to help the circulation in my hands and feet?
18 Mar
Since you are God at the church He will bless you. Ask Him for healing and believe it is done. Also with condition you have a testimony to hrlp someone else. God always have a plan
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Mar 18, 2013 8:37pm
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I have it as well. (I'm also a nurse and know a little about it ) I have noticed that when I drink energy shots, drinks , etc. it tends to get worse. Exercise is the best thing for circulation! Wear gloves, don't handle ice or frozen things without gloves- it sounds silly but for us it is necessary! Keep working out, it will do wonders for you!
18 Mar
Thank you :)
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Mar 19, 2013 2:03pm
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Hi. I am a medical doctor. There is basically 2 types of Raynaud's: Primary (inhereted through the genes) and Secondary (due to another medical problem) i take it you have Primary Raynauds due to ur young age and i guess u already have been to a doctor. Well there is no real treatment for this condition, its basically just a different physiological response your body has towards a cold stimulation. Excercise is very good for you, stay away from smoking (very very important) and if it really bothers you, u can get a calciam channel blocker pill (called nifedipine) from your house doctor (some research studies have shown that it helps), drinking aspirin 1/2 tablet a day is also good you when u get older. You can also try omega fatty acid supplements (which is in fish). Hope it helps. Dont worry i hav a lot of patients with that condition...its not goin to harm you, just stay away from smoking.