Carpal Tunnel and Joints issues

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Mar 30, 2013 7:27pm
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I suffer from Carpal Tunnel and both my knees and right elbow and shoulder are in general pretty weak. I find that on the moderate or intense workouts I have done i have to skip two or more exercises so I do not busy my wrists or mess my knees even more.
Is there a specific workout made already that does NOT involve jumping or holding your weight on your hands?
Is there a workout that help strengthening joints?
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Mar 31, 2013 3:46am

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel last yearm and the knees issues are just this year, just a few months ago, since I started to do running and high impact exercises. BUt even when I stopped doing those things two weeks ago, still hurt in a weird way when I climb stairs , but is not a big pain is just weird pain not uncomfortable , but since I never had it.

THe carpal tunnel is due to my small squeleton and overuse of my hands, I started to work as a stocker at a reatil store. Good thing the job is part time, but hard on my hands. I think if I stiil have these weird pains I should go to the doctor, but again, it might all be that I started to work a demanding job and at the same time doing exercise that I never did. Maybe is just all a matter of taking things easy. And that is why I post the question on the forum : ) 

26 May
Turns out it was stress. I do not have the pains anymore. I took it easy and rested more. But is was not until after I resolved a situation that I stopped having these pain. Stress related but I will keep a watchful eye on those knees.