Pain while jogging

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May 20, 2013 10:44pm
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After a long time of little to no exercise, I decided to go for a run. Everything started off fine, but by the end of the run, I was practically on my knees as I were in agony with my feet! I'm flat-footed, could this be why it hurts so much? What can I do about it?
Thanks, Matt

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May 20, 2013 10:57pm
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Hey Matt!

If you are flat-footed, then getting arches for your shoes is probably a good idea. When you are running, your body is placing a lot of stress on your feet, mostly in the arch area. Being flat-footed causes there to be very little support in that area, so the stress is straining your feet quite a bit, that is what causes pain. Getting arches will give your feet the support that they need. Also, the muscles in your feet are hurting because they have not been worked to the extent of running for a little while. Just take it slow, and your feet (with the help of arches) will get accustomed to the stress of running and will get stronger. Massaging your feet will help to relax the muscles and to relieve the soreness. 

Hope this helps and God bless!
20 May
Thanks for the reply! The next thing in my list is to get some more support for my feet, potentially some more footware, and definitely arches. I'll take it easy till I get used to it :) again, thanks for the advice!
13 Jun
Hi Matt I've had similar problems in the past. I'd suggest doing exercises that strengthen your arches before you commit to expensive shoes or orthotics. I'm not a doctor but there's a lot of good info and excises out there. There's also a good argument that overly supportive shoes can lead to knee and hip issues. Take it slow and ease your way into it :) I hit the road running too hard last year and ended up sidelined for weeks.