Monster Marine Workout

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Jun 17, 2013 11:32pm
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so here is a workout that i read about in mens fitness magazine and i slightly changed to meet my needs and goals. feel free to try it out or adapt it to your own goals. you do a series of excercises for a period of 4 minutes, going until near failure. ive always been told it bad to go to full failure so once you get to near failure you take a 15 second break and then continue your excercise until the end of those 4 minutes, taking 15 seconds when needed. the key is to be using weights that allow you to push yourself and gain more muscle without injuring yourself. eventually your goal should be to do 60 reps in 4 minutes. its time for me to hit the gym but later i will post my workout routine so that anyone interested in this will get an idea of what i mean