Slimmed and toned thighs

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Jun 23, 2013 10:58pm
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Hey guys!
So I'm new on here, and I'm really looking for something to help my thighs out. Im very athletic and my entire upper body is completely toned and besides my butt, there needs to be more toning going on for my lower body. I need help slimming my thighs down toning them. They aren't "thunder thighs" but compared to the rest of my slim body they look even bigger than they are. I have tried several workouts but none of them really helped. Please help!
23 Jun
Hi pretty girl! Well ik one thing that is supposed to help REALLY good is weighted ankle bars!! You strap them around your ankles and walk like up and down stair or something! U really feel the burn:)!
24 Jun
Ill try it out! Thanks
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Jun 23, 2013 11:27pm
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I do a lot of different variations of squats and I do it with a pair of dumbbells in my hands will performing those exercise to increase the difficulty/intensity. Or plank wwith different variations of leg lifts. Don't know if this helps coz I don't do thighs much as most strength training exercise uses thigh muscle in a way. I work my inner thighs more

24 Jun
I'm looking to work on my inner thighs have any advice?
24 Jun
Hip raise with leg squeeze, flutter kicks, pile squats, side leg raise are some that I do. I really like the inner thigh workout from fitness blender on youtube also! Check it out
24 Jun