Skinny to fit.

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Jun 29, 2013 8:48am
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How can I get to fit from skinny? People keep judging me that im too skinny. But I couldn't help that im losing fats while eating clean and working out lol. Not that I want to be skinny, but I want to be fit. What should I eat and how intense should my workouts be? Main goals are abs and lower body.

29 Jun
Kik I ik o o :-)
29 Jun
I know how you feel. Been skinny all my life. Lift weights. Lift more than ten pounds. That's what really helped me. Don't focus on working just one part of your body. Work every part of your body.
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Jun 29, 2013 3:10pm
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Start doing weight training... Muscles will give you a great tone look... Most girls got this silly misconception they will get big muscles by lifting weights a few times.. So incorporate weight resistance training into your schedule and add more protein into your diet.. This will assist with muscle repair and recovery.. If you want to add a bit more fat then do a clean bulk for a week or two...
01 Jul
What do you mean by clean bulk? I just have problem eating .. I want to have a flat tummy but at the same time I dont want to grow anymore thinner. Its like im shrinking lol.
01 Jul
Clean bulk is when you eat alot of healthy foods.. Eat heathly and more than usual.. You can spoil yourself now and again which junk food it's no problem.. This will give you a bit more fat to help you get more toned... Do a clean bulk for two weeks... Do weight training... And tell me in two weeks time your results
01 Jul
Its like clean eating ? But with bigger portions?
02 Jul
Exactly... And you can spoil yourself once or twice with ice cream or chocolates...
02 Jul
What's a must have in every meal ? Like meat, vege, etc?