Cant find a way to go on!

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Aug 1, 2013 6:55pm
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I have the Fluidity workout and the zumba workout and the Insanity workout allong with metabolism formula pills and green tea pills detox pills fat burning pills and I naturally drink lots of water ; Idk why I can't seem to start I need a workout buddy I need motivation and help im a big girl and really want to change Idk what to do :(

01 Aug
I need a workout buddy too.. lol maybe we can do it..
01 Aug
Girl me too... I've learned many people on here are here to keep us motivated ! I know you can do it. Read my story, I know how you feel .
02 Aug
Way to much to start with. You need to change your daily habits slowly. Its nice to mix up your routines with all the different workouts. But the zumba and insanity work outs can be discouraging if you cant keep up. Remember doing something is always better than doing nothing! Take baby step. Change your habits your way of thinking and eventually you will start to feel better. Try small exercises all throughout the day to get your body and brain used to it make it a habit good luck.