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Aug 4, 2013 4:08am
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What's the right way to squat? I use the smith machine n I think I used muscles on my knees more than my glutes

04 Aug
You know your knee isnt a muscle right?
04 Aug
I mean .. I feel it more on the knees or thigh.. or legs .. I dont know how to explain lol. Main point, I dont feel any from glutes
04 Aug
Its kind of hard to explain, but legs should be shoulder width apart, feet facing forward, your arms should be by ur side and relaxed. As u go done to squat bring ur arms just in front of ur stomach closing ur fists, keeping shoulders back, chest out and head up. As u come up tighten ur gluteus and bring your hands to ur side in a relaxed position... THATS HOW l TAUGHT ANYWAY... good luck
05 Aug
Natalie she is squatting with weights you can hold ur hands next to your body then hehe
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Aug 4, 2013 9:29am
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I would for starters advice you to ditch the smith machine if possible. Its not good on the knees and you dont develop any technique in it. The squat done on paralel or  slightly beneath wil not engage your posterior chain the sane way a full as to grass squat wil. Keep in mind the squat is not an glute isolation exercise. So your glutes will never be the main to feel it.


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Aug 4, 2013 10:46am
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There are lots of ways to do squats. Main focus points are.
Straight back.
Full range of motion. (Parallel or lower)
Push throug your heels.
Knees pointing the same ways as your toes.
Feet position hip Wide or wider.
 Any variations are fine as long you follow those simple rules :)