First day of workout what do i start with

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Oct 1, 2013 3:32pm
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-145 pounds
-chicken skin by that i sean loose
-muffin top wayyy bigger tren booty

01 Oct
You can look in my profile i got some good i like. Mine are set to intense...but dont worry if you dont make it thru every countdown i cant on all of them but i will....thats part of mu goals.
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Oct 5, 2013 8:15am
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What's your goal for working out? That's the start really. I wanted a basic warm up routine in the mornings and evening so i found two particularly good routines on Skimble. 1.Wicked warm up, 2. 10min wake up call. Made a huge difference to central wellbeing. Hope this helps someone

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Oct 5, 2013 8:43am
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Make sure you don't push yourself too hard; results take time. Always make sure you start off with some stretches and a good warm up. Then I suggest some strengthening exercises. Try a variation of the same exercises for a few days, and push yourself a little harder every time. Remember, it's really important to not push yourself too hard when starting off. That's how a lot of people get hurt!

Check out some of the workouts I've been doing. I'm getting back into the game myself :)