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Oct 4, 2013 6:25pm
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Hey everyone im starting to do challenges this is a new thing for me so im gonna do it every friday after my workout and if any one wants to join it will be great this is really tough, enough talking and here it is:
Wide pull-ups 20reps
Clapping push-ups 100reps
Close grip pull-up 20reps
Mountain climbers 200reps
Jump rope 500reps
Lateral shoulder raises 80reps
Dumbell push presses 50reps
bent over rows 50reps
Forearm curls 50reps each arm
Calf raises (3positions) 300reps

Do asany reps of each excercice and jump to the next until u have finished all the reps
Post ur time here mine was 48min lets see urs !!!