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Oct 6, 2013 2:07pm
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Has anyone tried beach body and shakeology? I keep hearing good things about it but it's so darn expensive. Do you think it's worth it?

06 Oct
Did Les Mills Pump and loved it! Well worth what I spent but pretty intense!!
06 Oct
Yeah. I'm just beginning and I'm overweight so that may not be right for me.
06 Oct
That's the cool thing about the workouts...3 levels so good for beginner, intermediate, & advanced!
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Oct 6, 2013 7:27pm
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Just finished insanity,some few weeks is not just advertising,it really works their program..u just have to give 100% of yourself..n yeah its,costly..did try some t25 n p90x,etc too
06 Oct
Wouldn't you say it's the same with the workout programs on here as well? Have you seen any results since you started using this app? Then why I purchased this services because it is affordable and convenient with my schedule. I was trying to decide between this and beach body but this one turned out to be far less expensive so I went with this one. But I'm not sure if I would be scene for more results doing the beach bodies then with Skimble.
07 Oct
I progress,a lot with fact it was this app to help me lose at least 3pounds at the start n the motivation to carry,on..there are really great workouts on this app,n really effective..but insanity of beachbody,is another is surely the hardest workout,ive done..with this program,i levelled up my fitness level,n learn a was a challenge..for sure u will results on skimble n it worth it,but insanity is another thing..its pure crazyness,u push yourself like never before.. can lend them if u need,if u have a gud internet connection