Im serious about finding the right workout

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Oct 9, 2013 1:51am
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So look, im a 16 year old, I'm a sophomore, I'm in the top 10 of my grade right now and still trying very hard to become better. So, I'm trying to find a really good daily workout. I'm talking about a workout that will make me sore. I'm looking for the workout that will work every muscle that can be worked in the human body. I really want my dream body. Lol this might be kinda weird but I wanna be buff. I'm actually tired but being a fat kid. Well i ain't that fat but then girls be saying they wanna feel my 6 pack nd im all like lmao cuz I don't have one lol so again I'm saying, I want a really good workout that I can do daily when I can except days when I'm doing homework ( school is WAY more important ) If anyone can please let me know of some great workouts i will greatly appreciate it. Oh and I am looking for workouts that don't use equipment since I don't have any, and also exercises that are common like situp, pushups, bicycle, squats ect. Many thanks