Help me with my one goal plss ! :)

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Oct 10, 2013 8:39am
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I have a new goal. And that is to be able to pull myself up on the pullup bar at least beyond my chest.

What exercises can I do to help this ? I am very very motivated but I dnt know what exercises I should do that could help me get up the bar .

10 Oct
Dips, pushups,bicep and tricep workouts
10 Oct
Hang on the bar for 3 minutes, let go stretch out, then do 5 reps of as Many as you can do for three days then do it again but with one more pullup than what you're used to
10 Oct
Oh and then do this for three days and then increase it as you like. The best way to learn something is to actually do it
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Oct 10, 2013 11:42am
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Here are the exercises I did to get ready for real pull ups: you need a pull-up bar you can reach from standing, and another bar (further explanation below)

1. Just hanging from the pull up bar for as long as you can

2. Grasping the pull-up bar, jump up to a pull-up top position, pause, supporting yourself at top, then lower yourself down slowly pausing halfway if you can, also hang for a few seconds at the bottom.

The other exercises involve a bar you can either rest on some chairs or something, or perhaps your pull up area has lower bars... I used the lowest pull-up bar on the playground, and also I found a railing that worked well.

With your feet on the ground, grasp the bar and lean back. Do "pull-ups" like this. For me, the low pull-up bar was quite easy and I could do many reps. I found a railing I could practically lay under, while grasping it my body didn't touch the ground... and with my heels resting on the ground I did something like a horizontal pull-up, with my feet still supporting some of the weight.

These exercises got me past my one or two pull-up max, and soon I was able to stop doing them and just do multiple sets of real pull-ups. Now I'm up to 5max in a set, with 5 sets totaling about 20 pull-ups in all.

Good luck!