Routine change?

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Oct 13, 2013 10:05pm
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So for the past couple months I've stuck to a routine of cardio every day except rest day and strength training three out of those days (upper body one day, core the next, and legs the last) but lately I've been thinking that since I alternate what muscle groups I train anyway I can probably switch to strength training every day except rest day as well. Am I correct in this or should I just stick to what I've been doing?
Ps. I'm asking about the health and safety of strength training every day so opinions on how strong/muscular girls "should" be have no place on this thread
14 Oct
Depends on the type and intensity of your strength training. Are you going to the gym utilizing weights and equipment to push your limits or are you using your body weight doing workouts at home?
14 Oct
I work out at home but I use 8 lb dumbells right now and I move up when they stop taking effort to lift.
14 Oct
As long as your having no joint or bone pain it won't hurt you to do full body strength training every other day, or light strength training every day. Best of luck to you ma'am.
14 Oct
Thanks (: