Who loves Circuits training? Advice s to improve it...

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Oct 23, 2013 7:24pm
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Circuit training #1Circuit training #2 I just want to share those circuit training that I created long time ago, I love working out with circuits. They are very effective because works all your body and its great to lose weight faster and at the same time is toning your muscles. so excellent combination plus you dont get bored easily because you are working for short periods of time each exercise and each circuit have a great combination of exercises. The Circuit could be modified according to the needs of each person as the time availability, purpose, etc. So you can do more exercises in short periods of time each one and a few sets or less exercises more time and more sets instead, however, its depends of many factors as I mentioned before. The most important thing to me is to be consistent and with a great attitude ;)..... Se habla EspaƱol tambien, Alguien Hispano por aqui?

02 Nov
Hola do u know any workouts that r very effective 4 the lowerbdy.iam not new on weights.ihave been traying and i did gain some muscle onmy legz. My upper is well muscular.but my lower also 2 but theres still abit of fat.what would u recomend me.in a few days me and my marido r going 2 do T25 vds.we train with weights 4 lower and upper bdy
02 Nov
Hola :) ... well, I will recommend to do some plyometric exercises (Squat jumps, jump rope, steps ups and down, jump to box -front and lateral, split squat jumps, mountain climber, burpees, jacks) So u can include those exercise in a circuit that way u are burning some of the fat + toning and increasing ur muscle power at the same time. I would rather to workout this way because of ur purpose and I won't workout with weight necessary at keast not really often, I mean they are fine but u can just do it sometimes to strengthen. I...