Hey!! :)

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Nov 2, 2013 8:21pm
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#instagram sharice1010 follow and ill follow back ;D btw......whos planning on.workingout today an if.you are what yah gonna do? :-D B-)
Scientific 7-Minute Workout
P90x: Ab Ripper X

03 Nov
Planning to hit the gym hard today with a good run, pull-ups and probably some leg and core. Good luck with your workouts and I'll follow you on ig travelkingnb would be me. cheers!
03 Nov
awesome! Glad you had a good workout on Thank You :-) I will follow you back as soon as you follow me if you didn't already haha =) :)
03 Nov
03 Nov
I am! Killin the abs an butt today
03 Nov
@heather u kill em hardcire awesome!!! U go!! ;) :D lol B-)