Exercising after insanity

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Nov 22, 2013 3:44pm
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Hey all i was hoping for others opinions on what exercise routines would suit me best after doing insanity. I completed the insanity routine and, even though i didn't change my eating habits much, i got great results (i don't eat unhealthily - loads of fruit, veg and nuts) I still do a few of the insanity workouts each week but was looking to vary my routines a little. I workout because i love it not because i feel i need to so any suggestions please????
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Nov 22, 2013 4:09pm
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I would recommend finding a style instead of individual workouts. Try cross fit if you have the time and are more about fitness then looks or if you just want to look good get into a body building regimen. That's my suggestion good luck. TST!!!

22 Nov
Thanks joseph, for me its about fitness i love the buzz from a good workout. If it improves the way i look thats just an added bonus. Thats for the suggestion
22 Nov
Your welcome and just for a heads up cross fit is hardcore lol
22 Nov
Lol think i definitely have to try it now - you never know your limits unless you push yourself although insanity almost broke me at one point lol nothing that a bit of strapping couldn't solve ;)
22 Nov
Yeah I don't have the time right now because of work and school but after I finish school I want to try it but if you font know what it is look on YouTube. Rich froning is the men's champ he's won the cross fit games 3 yrs in a row nobody else has ever done back to back much less three yrs he's my fitness goal. Lol the guys a beast
22 Nov
Took a look and i don't think i have time for this, this isn't a workout this is a full time job lol and i already have one of those. I think i am either going to do another round of insanity or stick with my combined routines i have at the moment (insanity, few routines on here and running). I hope you succeed at doing this

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