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Dec 11, 2013 5:57am

Hi Skimble Fam!! I just want to know whats the proper workout program, because I just randomly chose my workout here in Skimble app everytime i exercise. What i want to know is what and when should i rest, the proper way to sched my workout. For example, On Mondays shall i only do Cardio, Tuesdays - Total Body Strength and Core, Wednesdays - Rest, Thursdays - Lower half body and so on and so forth. My goal is to lose weight and build lean muscles. If you can give me program, that's gonna be awesome!!! Will surely follow it :) But any advice on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys in advance! :)

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Dec 11, 2013 6:52am
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I change every day the muscle group i'm working
If one day i'm working my arms and chest the next day i'm working the legs and butt.
After 2 days i take a rest day.
It's my program but it depends too of your goal. I try to gain weight so i use heavy dumbbels that's why i need maybe more rest than you.

11 Dec
Oohhh okayokay. Thank you!!! :)
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Dec 11, 2013 5:55pm
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It all depends on what works for you. My personal plan is:

Monday Core
Tuesday Upper Body
Wednesday Lower Body
Thursday Core
Friday Upper Body
Saturday Lower Body
Sunday Rest

Before I hit second trimester, each workout day was an hour of exercise with 15-30 minutes of it bein' hiit cardio and the rest focusin' on strength trainin' on the muscle group I have set to work on that day. Now that I'm 8 months pregnant, I've had to cut out the jumpin' around and modify the core workouts though.

This is just my plan though. Every body is different and choose what works for you :)

11 Dec
Thank you so much Amanda! This will help me to plan out my workout! :)
11 Dec
No prob! You can always change it up to fit your schedule. I've found this plan to work out the best for me :)
25 Dec
This is my previous program: full body work out in the 1st day. Cardio in the 2nd day. Rested in 5th day. And for the work out i only used a 3 kg dumble the rest were body weight.