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Dec 20, 2013 4:06am
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How many of you do deadlifts? And what varieations do you prefeer and why?

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Dec 20, 2013 5:43am
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I do deadlifts...I prefer alternating my grip hands placement opposite frm each other I feel I hav better bar contol....also sumo deadlifts same reason and I thnk less strain on th lower back tht way how bout you??

20 Dec
I only alternate when my grip fails. I use a cut out piece of a bike tire to help with my grip.
20 Dec
I dnt like to use aids to help my grip I've learned tht these smaller muscle groups give out first and we think we r performing with our limit strength or 1 rep max but our bigger muscle groups haven't reached tht range yet th triceps giv out before th pectorials th forearms give out first n lifts like deadlifts and bar shrugs and so only tht I've ever used any grip aid was with bar shrugs because th weight was so heavy it was stripping th calluses ( however u spell tht ) off my hands so I...
20 Dec
Yea its a helpfull material. Its just rubber arround the bar. Also the great white powder is a helpfull tool. The alternating grip is a good tool, i just dont like to always use it since it forces ur hips to twist a little. Which i dont want to get as an auto motoric movement. Deadlift is such a great tool.
20 Dec
N order for ur hips to twist n th movement ud have to lean ur hips n toward one hand or th other which woud b ab indicater tht one hand or side is weaker or tht their is a confidence issue ( kinda like th stutter stepper n basketball) meaning ur mind is ur is saying I'm not sure I got this th reaction is overcompasting by tweaking one way or th other...ur grip doesn't alter th position of ur hips ....I also always liked th white powder
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Dec 20, 2013 10:05am
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Love em. I like to do 2 variations in my deadlifts.

One pure on power and weight.
Usually looks like this in reprange:
5-5-5-3-1-1. The 5's arround 80 to 85% of my max 1 rep.

This is a great feeling to the body. To use your explosiv power and you feel strong lifting on your max.

The other one increased reps.
Usually looks like:

This is great for the whole back. Its intense and tiring. Aftet this my whole back is feeling a pump and it gets great tension on the muscles.

I like to switch these 2 deadlifting routines up.