Hate gym but love work out

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Dec 29, 2013 9:00pm
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Hi every one

I am new to this app and i would like to know your comments about my following challange

I do not kniw why i hate gym and tbe machines. Instead i love doing otber wirk out such as swimming,pilates yoga and core training. I have always heard that tbe best cardio to liose wight is runni g snd joggingand rven swimming can not help as much as they do and that kills my motivation to do otber stuff that i line.and tvats why it s been a long time i am struggling to keep ob track.

I would lovd yo hear your experiences. Do i really need to hit the gym to loose weight or swimming plus some other work out ( core and butt and arm) could also do the work

Thanks everyone

30 Dec
U can lose weight with those exercises...u dnt hav to lift weights in order to lose weight its mostly up to ur diet ..I disagree tht running or jogging will cause u to lose more weight thn other exercises ..but no u dnt hav to hit th gym to lose weight...
30 Dec
Thanks hannah h